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Dieter Schrade


After my apprenticeship as a scientific glass blower, I went as a glass blower to California, where I got to know the process of crystal.

I was fascinated by the wonderful properties of the material and the fact that there is an identical counterpart in Nature: The rock crystal with all its advantages, human being wants.

The material releases me no more and determines my further way...

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About my work


Now 20 years have passed since the creation of the first sound-pyramid.

At that time I had the vision to make a crystal pyramid with the same dimension

corresponding to those of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

I still had no idea what for a wonderful medium was givento me twhich I want to share.

Feedback and acknowledgments of therapists and home users reach

me for many years, as they experience my crystal pyramids:


"It's like in heaven ... there are no words for it ... you can feel the

connection to the infinite ..., ... the cosmos...,... it opens wonderful for the light level,

it is holy "... the pyramids are even connected to the ancient Atlantis.


This confirms me in my work and shows me clearly that I have created with the

pyramids soundtools that act as intermediaries between the outer shell and

the heart of human.

The result can lead to the harmonization of body, mind and soul.

Then they merge into a unity and perfection, which leads to more awareness and that has

an clarifying effect on the human being: The view into the depths, into the heart space open

and clarity captured the being.

I am grateful to the gift of the Sound Pyramids and to the inspiration which was given, to create a

tool that can lead to more awareness, transparency and clarity. At the same time I got more and

more unshakable faith in this wonderful instrument, as well as the perseverance against all odds to hold on to this vision for the benefit of all.


For me, I look at all my crystal sound bodies as "my" personal, cosmic gift. Since I am the inventor of the crystal singing pyramids, I am also the only manufacturer of the "Original Crystal Singing Pyramid" in its purest form:

My opinion : Any change by pigmentation and mergers with other materials, disturb the purity and clarity of the material and thus its effect is mitigated in humans, or may even be completely eliminated because the material has no longer the clarity to unfold completely.

My job is to spread my crystal singing instruments in their original form best on the planet earth and manifest them.

I have subordinated all my work and dedicate myself to this task with all my energy, love and devotion of the production

of my crystal instruments.

It is not simply the manufactoring of a product, since I consider this work as "worship" and therefore all of my crystal instruments receive the spirit of the inspiration which was revealed to me.

All my Pyramids and Instruments signed with my  DS characters, leave my workshop with the intention, to bring the vibration of the material, "light and clarity" into the world.

At the same time I promise with my sign that all Crystal Instruments are specially handcrafted by me and made of the best and purest quartz .


“Awareness "and thus" be aware "is the theme of the" New Golden Age ", that"  IS NOW "

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