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Crystal Singing Bowls

My crystal singing bowls 


Like all my crystal instruments, the singing bowls are made of pure crystal of the highest quality and purity. 

I tune my singing bowls with great care to achieve the desired frequency as accurately as possible. 

Each bowl purchase comes with one of my custom crystal bowl mallets that I make by hand. 

My sizes:

C, 432Hz, 30cm diameter


D, 432Hz, 28cm diameter


E, 432Hz, 25cm diameter


F, 432Hz, 25cm diameter


G, 432Hz, 23cm diameter


A, 432Hz, 20cm diameter


B, 432Hz, 20cm diameter


Crystal bowls set

My crystal singing bowl set with the seven singing bowls is available for €2350. 

The set includes the crystal singing bowls C, D, E, F, G, A, B. 

The scope of delivery includes 2 protective or carrying bags, in which all singing bowls can be stacked, as well as two of my friction mallets, 1x size S and 1x size L. 




I also offer special singing bowls in special sizes. 
My currently largest singing bowl has a diameter of 60 cm and is tuned to a C# (Ohm-tone). 
In addition to this amazing crystal singing bowl, I own other unique pieces, including clear crystal singing bowls.

Please contact me if interested. 

My Mallets

With my singing bowl mallets, crystal singing bowls can be struck or rubbed almost silently without producing any annoying background noise. Ordinary mallets produce a scratching noise, especially with frosted singing bowls, which can be annoying. Especially with sound recordings and sound baths, the pure sound of the singing bowls can be enjoyed by using the mallet.

Each mallet is made by myself with high precision. For this purpose, high-quality silicone is used for the friction surface.
The mallets are available in two different sizes:

ret_DSchrade ProAufn 052017 19310.jpg

Rubber S: 
Suitable for bowls up to 25 cm in diameter 
Length: 27cm
Rod: 12mm
Silicone friction surface: 12 cm
Weight: 80g
Price: €29.50


Rubber L: 
Suitable for bowls over 25 cm in diameter
Length: 30cm
Rod: 16mm
Silicone friction surface: 14 cm
Weight: 150g
Price: €34.50

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