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"Sacred Cloud"



The crystal didgeridoo was designed by Gaudry Normand and is produced under license by Dieter Schrade

In 1999, the first, original crystal didgeridoo was launched by G.Normand.

It came about through a symbiosis of ancient, traditional, Australian knowledge, combined with the high-tech knowledge of today.

The crystal didgeridoo convinces with clear harmonies and pure tones, which have a relaxing and vitalizing effect on the musician as well as on the listener.

Kristall Didgeridoo für sound healing

The Effect


Playing the instrument with the "Crystal Breathing" allows you to let go and immerse yourself in a peaceful silence.

The Crystal Didgeridoo is a therapeutic instrument that strengthens the lungs and helps to relax the body while increasing the level of activity Vitality.


The Crystal Didgeridoo comes in two different qualities:


A crystal didgeridoo made of 80% crystal (SiO2).





This gives him an extraordinary sound quality with clear harmonies and pure tones



Prices: Crystal Didgeridoo "Sacred Cloud" 80%


Crystal: crystal clear:     275,00 € sandblasted:                   295.00 €



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