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Our Dorje is individual custom-made and are selected for the future owner. You can order our Dorje through our special Dorje shop.

Dorje or Vajra

Rock crystal dorje are also called diamond dorjes, they have very high energetic information and vibration. So it is only natural that the Buddhists regard it as a symbol of the path to enlightenment.

In the simple dorje, two times four clips symbolize the eight virtues of Buddhism, namely the four ways of looking at the outside world and the four ways to the inside.

The special meaning is attributed to the Inner Path: According to Tibetan Buddhism, the Inner Path enables man to be transformed or perfected and thus leads to an expansion of consciousness.



The interpretation of the Dorje, as a sign of the transformation, goes far back into pre-Buddhist, shamanic times: At that time, one had the astronomical-astrological idea that the Dorje is a cosmic symbol for the constellation of Orion, which is the "seat of the supreme deity" and the "bearer of knowledge".

The different forms


Der Doppeldorje steht als Zeichen für das Absolute, die Vollendung und das Göttliche. Das Kreuz des Doppeldorje steht symbolisch für die Verbindung des Menschen mit allen Himmelsrichtungen. Daraus ergibt sich eine energetisch öffnende Wirkung von oben nach unten und gleichzeitig zu den Seiten. Er bietet einen besonders hohen Schutz gegen alle schlechten Einflüsse und bündelt Energien an den Stellen, an denen er aufgelegt wird.



Einfacher Dorje, auch als Donnerkeil oder Zepter übersetzt. Er verfügt über zwei Energiepole, männlich-weiblich, Yin -Yang..., das bedeutet,dass zwischen den beiden Polen Energie fließen kann. Je nach dem, wie der Dorje gehalten wird kann Energie zugeführt oder abgeleitet werden. Das funktioniert sowohl bei Menschen, als auch bei der Energetisierung von Nahrungsmitteln.

The Effect


From the chakra teaching:

Transformation is also evident in the chakra teaching: With the help of HFP (high-frequency instant photography) photography, it can be proved that the crystal Dorje harmonises chakras and temporarily raises energy bodies to a higher energy level, thus supplying energy.


Through regular meditation with the crystal Dorje, this state can be achieved over a longer period of time and is then visible on the physical level: the "own light", amplified, recognizable from the outside by brighter eyes and charisma, at the same time increase the capacity of the brain.


Opening of the energy channels:

In Esotera 5/96 it can be read that Crystal Dorjes open energy channels and blocked chakras and bring more "clarity in the head". (verified with HFS photography) Certainly, this effect contributes to meditating earlier with a crystal dorje in the hand to deepen the meditation.

The origin


The rock crystal of the Dorjes, which are offered here, come from the Himalayas;

they are made by stonemasons in Jaipur.

Each Dorje is unique because they are made by hand.


Rock crystal is a natural product, which is why a Dorje is rarely free of inclusions.

Since I know the dealer from Jaipur personally, I know that he endeavors to provide me the best quality, which I gladly pass on to you.

Unfortunately, there is already a machine made and cheap version of the Dorje: Dorje are manufactured in factories with CNC machines.

The price of a Dorje depend on the weight and purity of the rock crystal. If you are interested, I will gladly send you pictures and prices to the available Dorjes.

Dorje shop

Our Dorje are individual custom-made and are specially selected for the future owner. Weight is in grams, length in millimeters (mm)

D Schrade Dorje 072013 6500.jpg
D Schrade Dorje 072013 6501.jpg

  40 mm       60 mm        90 mm         110 mm              140 mm

  ca 15gr       ca 20gr       ca 50gr        ca 130gr              ca240gr     

  40/40        60/60            90/90             110/110                   130/130

  ca 20gr     ca 30gr         ca 80gr           ca 170gr                  ca 300gr

Quality and Price


Rock crystals were formed 12 to 20 million years ago, at temperatures between 300 and 450 degrees Celsius and enormous pressures of up to 3000 atmospheres.


But occasionally gases, liquids, or minerals have been included in rock crystals, which affect the clarity of the rock crystal, but not its effectivity as a healing and protective stone.


The prices of the Dorje depend on the weight and the purity of the rock crystal.

If you are interested, I will gladly send you pictures and prices.

The Dorje are offered by me in 3 different qualities:


P1 = 1.50 € / gr.: Clear quality with few inclusions and cloudiness


P2 = 1,25 € / gr.: Predominantly clear quality with inclusions and cloudiness


P3 = 1,10 € / gr. Predominantly milky, cloudy quality with inclusions.


The prices are without VAT.


Compare the prices with other handmade Dorjes.

You can also call us to order: +49  93 42/91 65 08

The personal data are only collected by us and saved in the frame and for editing this request

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