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Energy Chimes

Our energy chimes  are selected for the corresponding effect and are specially tuned.

The planetary sound frequencies are calculated by the Swiss mathematician and sound scientist Hans Cousto. Great importance is attached to tuning accuracy during production. Book recommendation: The cosmic octave - Hans Cousto The Octave: The Clock Law of Harmony - Hans Cousto

If you want to listen to the sound samples of each Chime, please switch to the desktop version.

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Proven by Emoto-Office

oktave 7 zusatz englisch.JPG
oktave 6 zusatzton.JPG
oktave 7C7 englisch.JPG
oktave 6 c6 englisch.JPG

                   Planet Sound Energy Chime "Duos" in Octave 7

                    Length: 17,5 cm

                      Weight: 170 gr

                      Shipment: icl. one wooden mallet and packing box

                    Tone                                                       Effect                                                             Price

                      C7 432Hz & C7 442Hz,                         binaural effect, brain-synchronisation           169.00€

                      C7 432Hz & G7 432Hz                          perfect octave                                                169.00€

                      Shiva/Shakti  & Sun/Moon                    adequation                                                      169.00€


                   Planet Sound Energy Chime "Triples" in 432Hz

                    Length: 17,5 cm

                      Weight: 240 gr

                      Shipment: icl. one wooden mallet and packing box

                    Tone                                                              Price

                      C7&E7&G7                     C-major               198.00€

                      C7&E7&A7                     A-minor               198.00€

                      C7&F7&A7                     F-major                198.00€

                      B6&D7&G7                    G-major                198.00€


For our bars we use the wood of ash, which in Nordic mythology embodies the entire cosmos under the name Yggdrasill, also called world tree.


The ash grows quickly and tall. It is one of the tallest deciduous trees in Europe. It literally grows towards the light. The wood of the ash is light and burns to pure white ash.

The ash tree is the light tree par excellence.


It is also elastic and hard-wearing. The ash is elegant, supple and yet hard-wearing. It brings energy and self-knowledge into your life and stands for protection and harmony.


As a dream symbol, the ash tree promises calm, peace of mind and joy. The ash tree has always been considered particularly lucky.


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