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Tuning Fork

Tonal Acupuncture


The Crystal Tuning Fork is a therapeutic instrument which is based on the knowledge of the Phonophorese (sound acupuncture).

Phonophorese shows an ideal supplement to all body-oriented therapies and can be seen as a separate treatment system.

It is also called Tonal Acupuncture, which means to work with audible frequencies, by placing the tuning fork on meridians, acupuncture points, chakras, organs and various body zones.

The oscillations of a crystal-vocal fork are stronger and longer swinging in comparison to Metal Tuning Forks.

Stimmgabel aus Kristall von Dieter Schrade, Klangtheraphie, Klanginstrumente

The production


The production of crystal tuning forks, like the pyramids is an individual production.Tuning Forks are tuned accurately by using a Korg tuner.

Stimmgabel aus Kristall von Dieter Schrade, Klangtheraphie, Klanginstrumente
Stimmgabel aus Kristall von Dieter Schrade, Klangtheraphie, Klanginstrumente

Planet Tones


The oscillation tones of the Crystal Tuning Fork correspond to those, from Hans Cousto who discovered frequency of the planets, like f.ex.. Sun, Moon, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus etc.

(Book recommendation: The cosmic octave, Hans Cousto)


All earth tones (Day Tone, Sidirian Day, Platonic year etc.) all lunar tones (lunar knot, apse orbit etc.) all planet tones (Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc.)

… are produceable.

The application


Using a rubber mallet, the fork is gently struck once at the level of the marking point, then the fork can be placed on the corresponding point on the body.

The fork should not be struck to strong. ot while it is still vibrating or counter Vibration can occur! To avoid, place the two rods of the fork on another surface first to end the vibration, then you can hit it again.



The crystal tuning fork made of pure Crystal (99.98% SiO2) is the fourth generation of the pure crystal sound tools and a therapeutic tool of our time.

Developed from vision and memory allows us this therapeutic instrument healing on all levels of our being.The direct transference of resonance, vibration, sound, feeling and solar-crystalline light impulses allows us an active spectrum up to the cellular-molecular level right into the crystalline core of ourself.

Crystal becomes liquid light and fulfils us till our divine middle, our bright centre, our hearts.


Stimmgabel aus Kristall von Dieter Schrade, Klangtheraphie, Klanginstrumente
Best possible quality

All of my tuning forks are cooled one night in the oven before shipping and provided with an elaborate fire polish. This ensures that the tuning fork can be seen completely tension-free under the periscope (tension tester).

Furthermore, the forks are struck more than 100 times on average to ensure quality.




The tuning fork comes with a mallet and a wooden case.


The tuning fork is available in two different sizes.

The prices for these are:

Large:   61cm / 470g / 935€

Small:  55,5cm /288g / 645€

Stimmgabel Shop

Sie können uns auch gerne zur Bestellung anrufen: 0 93 42 / 91 65 08

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