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Crystal Pyramids

The History


I have long been interested in pyramids and the special energy they generate.

At a time when I'm with"A Course in Miracles" and "The Pleiadian Message" by Barbara Marciniak, I visited the Mohawe Desert in California.

There I couldn't get rid of the idea of having to make a pyramid out of pure crystal that corresponded to the dimensions of the Cheops pyramid in Gizeh/Egypt.

The result is an instrument that produces a pure, yet powerful, long-lasting sound that never ends and that moved me deeply.

The Sound


The sound of the pyramid must be experienced:

Not only the purity of the timbre, which results from the fundamental tone and the perfect harmony of the overtones, but also the vibration that emanates from the sound pyramid, enables a perception that touches all the senses.

The potential of the pyramid shape, combined with the healing powers of the rock crystal and the wide sound spectrum of the instrument, gives the user a completely new experience in dealing with sound and is therefore ideally suited for sound therapy.

The frequency range of the sound depends on the size of the crystal pyramid:

The smaller the  models are, the finer and higher their frequency, the bigger, the deeper and more voluminous their frequency.

So it is not surprising that the larger instruments produce a deep, room-filling sound with a rich spectrum of overtones, which are characterized by their voluminous and long-lasting vibration

(7-8 min.) build the bridge to infinity.

The Effect


In addition to the already described effect of the crystal sound instruments on people, the sound pyramid can be used to energize water and food and much more because of its special pyramid energy

Even when not used as a sound instrument, it works solely through the pyramidal energy that it emits around and into the space in which it is located.

My pyramids in the following sizes:

Additional Mallets / Impact


From the pyramid size KP-200, another mallet is delivered in addition to the basic mallet. The first impact is made with the larger base mallet in the corner area of ​​the bases. Another second impact is made with the smaller additional mallet on one of the upper struts of the pyramid. This results in the effect of superimposing the fundamental tone on a rich spectrum of overtones.


Each pyramid is made personally and comes with a certificate of authenticity  and a CD.


Polished Pyramids


To recreate the angular shape of the pyramids of Giza, which serve as a model for my sound pyramids, I have provided my sound pyramids with a time-consuming cut.

This sound pyramid is characterized both visually and sonically by their "fineness".

Customers who work with these sound pyramids feel the sound of the crystal sound pyramids as a continuation of the sound of the sound bowls.

Thus, the sound of the polished sound pyramid becomes a departure into a new sound dimension.

Genaue Aufnahme von der Original Dieter Schrade Pyramide mit Logo.



Rip-Offs are mainly produced in Asia and can not be compared with my production.

The full development of the sound develops only through the cut of the pyramids. Rip-Offs  are only available unpolished and sonically not comparable with mine.



All pyramids are provided with my mark, so the customer is sure to have acquired an original Dieter Schrade sound pyramid and will additionally receive a "certificate of authenticity."

Echtheitszertifikat von Dieter Schrade Krisallklang



After the Crystal Sound Pyramid produces such a long-swinging, moving sound, I wanted to know how other geometric shapes sound.
So I built a tetrahedron, cube and octahedron also made of crystal and was curious about their sound. After all, the new forms were also Platonic solids. What sound would expect me?


Nothing! Neither dice, tetrahedron, nor octahedron sound! Only the crystal kang pyramid sounds!

Another mystery of the pyramid?

Even the attempt to bring a pyramid of glass, with identical dimensions, to sound fails:

A short hard tone, which fades away after a few seconds.

Pyramid Shop

Blume des Leben in Gold
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